The Art of the Cat Eye

by Erin Bradley

Sexy and sultry, the Cat Eye is arguably the most classic look in makeup history.

Whether clean line or smokey, this coveted look can work for ANY age or eye shape!

Recently I hosted a makeup seminar at Uptown that gave attendees the basic steps and professional tricks to create this classic look. For those of you that could not be there, here is a breakdown of the steps :) Good luck!!


Creating the perfect Cat Eye…
1. Using your finger apply a small amount of eye primer to eye lid. Start at lash line and fade up to brow. Sweep and pat product until product is evenly placed across lid.
2. Using a soft fluffy medium brush, apply a sheer dusting of a base shadow (same colour as skin or a shade lighter) across the entire eyelid.
3. Using a medium sized crease brush (I highly recommend MAC’s #217 brush) and a medium toned shadow (bronzer can be used in a pinch), start at your outer lash line and slowly blend up and inward, reversing directions, sweeping and buffing shadow as needed. TIP: Use your original brush with the base colour to soften the edge of the crease shadow. Blend with both brushes to achieve your desired fade.
4. Before jumping into a black or dark toned liner, it is best to sketch in the angle of the line with a medium coloured shadow with an angle brush. To create the perfect angle, look straight ahead into a mirror and look at your lower lash line. Notice the angle that it curves up at. If you were to continue that line at that angle, that is generally where your cat eye should wing out.  Consider how your outer lashes round up and outwards (if your lashes need to be curled do this now so you can see the angle). If the skin at your lash line tends to move and stretch a lot, start at the outer edge of the line and work inwards towards where the lower and upper lash line meet. Avoid pulling skin around eye. Feel free to vary thickness and extension of line depending on how dramatic you would like the effect to be.
5. To close in the top of the line, start at the outer edge and sweep inwards towards the center of your lash line. You can either continue the line inwards along the lash line to the tear duct, or softly fade the line into the lashes at the center.
6. If you are happy with the darkness of your line skip to step 7, but if you would like to make the line more dramatic choose one of the following - liquid liner, cream liner and an angle/point brush, sharpened pencil, or an angle brush with soft pencil (I would highly recommend a longwearing/waterproof product). Using small dashes or strokes, start at the outside of your line and slowly darken the existing line to the center. Reverse the tool to perfect the inner line.
7. Apply 2 generous coats of your favorite mascara.

8. BONUS- I would highly recommend adding some false lashes. Just make sure you measure the band before you put on the glue, and make sure the curve of the lashes mimics the line of the cat-eye. They should not curve down lower or higher than the line. Also let the glue get tacky by waiting 30 seconds before you place it on the lashline (starting at the outside).


Top Tools

The colour that looks GREAT on everyone!

by Erin Bradley

TEAL - The colour that looks great on everyone, no matter what skin tone, or hair colour you have! Try it as an accent or go BOLD and make it your feature colour. Looking for a beautiful gift? Try a Infinity Scarf in this colour, looks great paired with black, brown, grey..... 


Teal makeup is also a fantastic choice. MAC makes a great eyeliner called Undercurrent that is absolutely gorgeous! Soft and sparkly, it will make any eye pop!! Looking for liquid?  STILA  makes a beautiful liquid liner called Electric. Want something softer, try MAC shadow in Plumage :)


Mix things up and embrace colour this holiday season!!



by Erin Bradley

December is just around the corner which means your party schedule will be booking up fast! Have you found the perfect dress yet??? Why not buy ONE dress that will be versatile for multiple parties.

By adding different accessories your LBD will work for almost any party! Make sure to pick a simple dress if you want it to go the distance. This cute party dress below would look great with a punch of colour, black or metallic accessories. Want to slim your silhouette, try black tights and black shoes with coloured accessories near your face.  Wear flats and a cropped cardigan to keep it casual, or heels and faux fur to make an entrance!

Remember if you need help and want to rent some accessories, I am only an email or phone call away.....

Happy Shopping!!!



Jacob, BCBG, Le Chateau, Town Shoes, & Stella & Dot Jewellery

FOUND - Fabulous boots for shapely calves!!

by Erin Bradley

Now that Fall is here and Winter is just around the corner, it's time to make sure you have a great pair of high boots in your wardrobe. They are practical, warm, stylish AND a must-have! You can wear them with skirts, dresses, pants, and leggings. The options are endless.

Some of you are lucky enough to have no problem finding boots that fit your legs,  but for most women out there, there are little to none stylish options for shapely calves or ankles.  Well my SHAPELY LADY FRIENDS,  I have news for you!!! A client of mine recently introduced me to an online store where you can get CUSTOM made boots!!! 

Remember, boots are an investment, and if you take care of them (clean, protect, maintain) they will last you up to 5+ years! So a pair of boots that cost $400 may seem expensive, but if you are spending around $100- $150 each year anyways to replace your ones from last year, then $400 is actually saving you money.

I understand that everyone has a different budget so I did some research and included several different online sites that range in price. I would always start with a pair of black or dark chocolate brown boots, because they are easy to match your current coats and purses to, but a lovely saddle brown or burgundy pair is always fun and interesting. Go with a flat or lower heal and they will always be your 'go-to' boot!


DUO Boots - Beaumont $285 plus shipping etc

DUO Boots - Beaumont $285 plus shipping etc

Simply Be Boots - High Leg Cowboy Boot $97 plus shipping etc.

Simply Be Boots - High Leg Cowboy Boot $97 plus shipping etc.

In search of the perfect HAT.....

by Erin Bradley

Now that weather is turning a bit cooler, I decided that I cannot put if off any is time to find my PERFECT HAT. I did a little research and came up with list of guidelines that will make the search and shopping a whole lot easier for everyone. Enjoy!!

  1. Short hair - Make sure some of your hair peeks out, whether it's your bangs or the back of your hair. With a retro-inspired cut like a pixie, opt for a retro hat style like a beret, fedora or cloche
  2. Square face - You need hats that soften your rigid angles. Floppy, curvy hats will accomplish this, giving you a more feminine and softer look. Hats with large and upturned brims also look lovely on square-faced individuals. If you want to elongate your face, go with hats that sit high on your forehead, like berets and bowler hats.
  3. Round face - Go with hats that are tall and shallow, which will give your face length. You could also try slanted or peaked crowns to draw out your face. Slant your hat forward to give your face more angles. Additionally, look for hats that feature brims that are wider than your face, to make it look narrower.
  4. Heart-shaped face - If you have a wide forehead and narrower chin, you should avoid wearing wide hats, which accentuate your forehead. Otherwise, you'll look good in just about any type of hat!
  5. Long face - Avoid tall hats - they only make your face look longer. Go with hats that are flared and have wide brims. You can also push the hat down on your forehead to cover it up a bit and makeup your face appear shorter.


Welcome to my NEW website!

by Erin Bradley

Thank you for taking the time to check out my new website and blog! It has been developing over the last couple months, and it is still a work in progress so I invite any feedback, positive or negative.

So I guess I am officially a "blogger".  Facebook was a good starter, but the training wheels are off and I am officially ready to roll! Look forward to weekly beauty and style tips... hot new stores and sales to check out....AND my good friend Taryn has possibly convinced me to start doing a clothing diary. I will post snapshot of my outfits and post where you can shop for all the items. I really don't enjoy getting my picture taken, but I will give it a whirl.

For my very first post I am going to set the tone for fall. Here is a casual outfit that I put together the other day! Enjoy :)

Dress - Thrift store (Banana Republic), Jacket - Danier, Boots - Vince Camuto at Nordstrom's, Belt - Thrift store, Bag - Nine West

Dress - Thrift store (Banana Republic), Jacket - Danier, Boots - Vince Camuto at Nordstrom's, Belt - Thrift store, Bag - Nine West