The Art of the Cat Eye

by Erin Bradley

Sexy and sultry, the Cat Eye is arguably the most classic look in makeup history.

Whether clean line or smokey, this coveted look can work for ANY age or eye shape!

Recently I hosted a makeup seminar at Uptown that gave attendees the basic steps and professional tricks to create this classic look. For those of you that could not be there, here is a breakdown of the steps :) Good luck!!


Creating the perfect Cat Eye…
1. Using your finger apply a small amount of eye primer to eye lid. Start at lash line and fade up to brow. Sweep and pat product until product is evenly placed across lid.
2. Using a soft fluffy medium brush, apply a sheer dusting of a base shadow (same colour as skin or a shade lighter) across the entire eyelid.
3. Using a medium sized crease brush (I highly recommend MAC’s #217 brush) and a medium toned shadow (bronzer can be used in a pinch), start at your outer lash line and slowly blend up and inward, reversing directions, sweeping and buffing shadow as needed. TIP: Use your original brush with the base colour to soften the edge of the crease shadow. Blend with both brushes to achieve your desired fade.
4. Before jumping into a black or dark toned liner, it is best to sketch in the angle of the line with a medium coloured shadow with an angle brush. To create the perfect angle, look straight ahead into a mirror and look at your lower lash line. Notice the angle that it curves up at. If you were to continue that line at that angle, that is generally where your cat eye should wing out.  Consider how your outer lashes round up and outwards (if your lashes need to be curled do this now so you can see the angle). If the skin at your lash line tends to move and stretch a lot, start at the outer edge of the line and work inwards towards where the lower and upper lash line meet. Avoid pulling skin around eye. Feel free to vary thickness and extension of line depending on how dramatic you would like the effect to be.
5. To close in the top of the line, start at the outer edge and sweep inwards towards the center of your lash line. You can either continue the line inwards along the lash line to the tear duct, or softly fade the line into the lashes at the center.
6. If you are happy with the darkness of your line skip to step 7, but if you would like to make the line more dramatic choose one of the following - liquid liner, cream liner and an angle/point brush, sharpened pencil, or an angle brush with soft pencil (I would highly recommend a longwearing/waterproof product). Using small dashes or strokes, start at the outside of your line and slowly darken the existing line to the center. Reverse the tool to perfect the inner line.
7. Apply 2 generous coats of your favorite mascara.

8. BONUS- I would highly recommend adding some false lashes. Just make sure you measure the band before you put on the glue, and make sure the curve of the lashes mimics the line of the cat-eye. They should not curve down lower or higher than the line. Also let the glue get tacky by waiting 30 seconds before you place it on the lashline (starting at the outside).


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